Here / by Diane Arrington

Irene Fueyo 

And now you are finally done with your hiding

The flower has wilted, you’re tired

You can come at rest here

And waiting for you is peace

Soon, all of the problems will be gone

Soon, life will wilt into death.


I know that it has come, it is your death

I found it among the fallen leaves, hiding

And now all life is gone

The sun has set, you’re tired

But you may finally rest with peace

Now that you are here.


Earlier, you had been here

A little while before your death

You almost seemed peaceful

If I had not seen through your hiding

If your facade had not been tired

If my naivety had not been gone


And just like that all my hope is gone

It ran away, away from here

From all the problems that left it tired

From all the pain caused by your death

I cannot seem to find where it is hiding

Maybe it too has found its peace


My mind cannot find peace

To you all my thoughts have gone


I have taken to hiding

Hiding from my happiness; here

Happiness has no place after your death

It’s purpose has been tired


And maybe you were just too tired

Maybe you are happy now at peace

Maybe the only way to peace was death

Maybe I should rejoice that you are gone

But it is so alone now here

Now the house is much too empty for hiding


And you left me tired now that you are gone

I must try to find my peace, but I cannot find it here

This house is soaked in death, I need somewhere else for hiding