Regret / by Diane Arrington


My spine unravels as I cascade bluntly to the floor

I’m slowly drowning in a space that’s free of water

Tears break away from my grasp I can’t hold them anymore

So quickly the room grows pitch my face grows hotter


They look at me with vulturous eyes, watching every move

I twitch and quiver as they diligently perform their act

They scatter moving around each other like puzzle pieces finding a groove

I gaze through my blur trying to keep myself intact


My shaky palms find the crevices of my eye lids

They grip to them like fingers to a lingering goodbye

“Mommy, get someone to help her”escaped the plea of a kid

The swift breathe of the bitter end shrouds my future nearby


I catch glimpses of my life in the blink of dying eyes

I look on those I’ve loved with regrets of bad goodbyes